Cheyenne Is Burning


Throughout my life I have searched for answers, both consciously and unconsciously. I look around and I am often surrounded by a sea of lost and disconnected people, and I feel that pain in myself as well. We reach for drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors to make us feel connected. 

Why? How did we get here? 

Our country was founded on genocide, but most Americans operate as if it never happened. 


My grandparents survived forced labor camps during the Holocaust. Like many, I am here because of the strength and will of ancestors to survive against the odds.  

This story is set within the Native American community in order to bring light and an unflinching eye to the history we stand on and are a part of by living on this land. Cheyenne's search for identity, connection, and belonging I hope will be relatable to many. I moved to Montana two and a half years ago to try to understand Cheyenne's struggle, my struggle, and the struggle of our country. 

-Alana Waksman